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Devgad Beach

The Devgad Beach is a popular picnic spot. The greenery on the beach side is marvelous. Activities like swimming and sunbathing can be enjoyed at this beach.

Distance from Vedaa Holidays Resort 100 meters


Vijaydurg Fort

The fort encompassed an area of 5 acres and was surrounded by sea on all four sides. 1.5 km from the fort in the Wagjotan Creek, a naval dock was constructed by carving the rocks.This is where ‘Maratha’ warships were built and repaired.

Distance from Vedaa Holidays Resort 25 km


Kunkeshwar Temple

Kunkeshwar Temple is an ancient Shiva Temple. This beautiful temple near beach has alluring architecture with reminiscent of South Indian style of temple architecture.

Distance from Vedaa Holidays Resort 5 km


Devgad Fort

The fort is situated just at the confluence of Arabian Sea and Devgad Creek which gives a timeless view of the sea. The place is well known for the magical and mystical sunset that can be witnessed from the fort. The breathtaking view of the harbor is perfect for sightseeing.

Distance from Vedaa Holidays Resort 500 meters


Tambaldeg Beach and Gajbadevi

Sri Gajabadevi temple is situated at Mithbav Tambaldeg, on the beautiful sea shore. The temple is magnificent. There is a big arch in front of the temple and situated Dandagaidevi temple and old tree of Udumbara.

Distance from Vedaa Holidays Resort 15 km


Sindhudurg Fort and Tarkarli – Malvan Beach

Sindhudurg Fort is a historical fort that occupies an islet in the Arabian Sea. The sea fort is spread over 48 acres, with a two-mile (3 km) long rampart, and walls that are 30 feet (9.1 m) high and 12 feet (3.7 m) thick. Tarkarli has been bestowed with a long coastline which is ideal for those long romantic and nostalgia filled walks. The feeling of soft sand under your nimble toes and the presence of clear water and sky along with the cleanest of breathing air provides a heady feeling.

Distance from Vedaa Holidays Resort 40 km


Sea Water Activity

The pristine beach-side Malvan is an ideal escape with family and friends for a weekend of tantalizing adventure. Glistening waves offer enthralling parasailing and water sports experiences in this sun and sand paradise! You can even opt to embark on an adventurous journey of parasailing or activities such as Jet Ski and Banana boat ride, Scuba Diving etc.

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